Thanatos vol. 3 1/2014: Death, mourning and the internet


Death, mourning and the internet: death cultures in web environments
”This issue brings together scholars from sociology, anthropology, communication sciences, digital culture, design and psychology in a collection of three articles, three research reports and five research reviews (along with two book reviews), which illuminate fascinating thematics on mourning online.”
Haverinen, Anna: Editorial – the digitalisation of death culture(s). p. 5–8.
Giaxoglou, Korina:“R.I.P. man…u are missed and loved by many”: entextualising moments of mourning on a Facebook Rest In Peace group site. p. 10–28.
Heathcote, Anthony:  A grief that cannot be shared: Continuing relationships with aborted fetuses in contemporary Vietnam. p. 29–45.
Waagstein, Astrid:An exploratory study of digital legacy among death aware people. p. 46–67.
Research reports:
Faro, Laurie M.C.: Digital Monument to the Jewish Community in the Netherlands and the Jewish Monument Community: commemoration and meaning. p. 69–81.
Georges, Fanny: Post mortem digital identities and new memorial uses of Facebook: Analysing the memorial page creators’ identity. p. 82–93.
Shavit, Vered (Rose) & Tzezana, Roey: Online Legacies: Online Service Providers and the Public – a Clear Gap. p. 94–110.
Gotved, Stine: Death Online – Alive and Kicking! p.112–126.
Gray: The Memory Remains: Visible Presences within the Network. p.127–140.
Huttunen, Laura: Srebrenica burial ceremonies on YouTube: Remembering the dead and the missing in a contested political situation. p. 141–148.
Kruzan, Kaylee P.: New Media Use in Mitigating Existential Fear. p.149–160.
Mukherjee, Ishani & Griffith Williams, Maggie:Death and Digi-memorials: Perimortem and Postmortem Memory Sharing through Transitional Social Networking. p.161–172.
Book reviews:
Haverinen, Anna: Tieteen kääntämisen sietämätön ihanuus. p.174–178.
Pajari, Ilona: Vanhaa suomenruotsalaista kuolemankulttuuria. p.179–180.